Patio door runners

Patio door runners

Patio Door Repairs for Sussex
At Aftercare, we undertake a wide range of patio door repairs for homes across the Sussex area. Over the last 20 years, we’ve developed a great reputation for delivering just what our customers need. Our no-nonsense approach and professionalism means that you always get a repair service that fits the bill. 

Patio doors can look superb but they often have problems that need to be repaired. If your door is sticking when you try to open it, there could be a problem with the alignment or the runners. You might have an issue with the lock that needs to be replaced because of damage. Whatever the problem, Aftercare can help.

Patio Door Repairs at a Glance
  • Patio doors generally need some form of repair more often than other double glazed installations such as windows. 
  • Over time, issues such as bearings seizing up or runners not working properly can make opening those doors a problem. 
  • Often, all your door needs is some professional care and attention – giving the runners better lubrication can help or adjusting the wheels can solve things.
  • Other times, you may need to have important parts such as the patio door runners or locks replaced. 
  • You could have a problem with the glass in your patio doors, perhaps damage or cracks after a storm. 

Our professional patio door repair team can be onsite in no time at all and assess the situation for you. You can check out the testimonials by satisfied customers from Horsham to Goring right here.  

Patio Door Repairs FAQs
What are the most common patio door repairs? One of the most common problems is with the runners – these can get ingrained with dirt and dust over the years. Bearings can seize up and forcing the door open can cause more damage. If you have problems, the sooner you call out a patio door repair service the better. 

Do you charge for a callout? We don’t believe in charging for the initial quote. We’ll be able to quickly assess your situation and what the problem is and then quote on the work that needs to be done. In some cases, this might be as simple as cleaning the runners and lubricating them. Once you get our quote, it’s up to you if you want us to do the work. 

Does Aftercare cover my area? We operate across the whole of Sussex and the surrounding counties. Our customers come from places like Burgess Hill and Brighton, Crawley and Eastbourne. If you’re not sure we’re close enough, simply give us a call and we’ll be able to tell if we can handle your patio door repair. 

When you have an issue with your patio doors, it pays to call out the premier repair service in Sussex that can help. Call Aftercare FREE today on 0800 163 197 to find out more. 

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