Tilt and slide patio doors

These are a type of patio door, generally in uPVC, but can also be of aluminium construction; that as the name suggests; not only can they slide across; they can also just tilt inwards, for ventilation.

Because of the comparative complexity of the mechanical components, it is essential these are maintained properly. Lack of lubrication and/or occasional adjustment can make them tricky to operate, which will lead to longer term damage and potentially expensive (or even dangerous) failure.

Generally, lubrication of all moving parts with a light spray lubricant a couple of times a year (more if in a coastal area) should be sufficient, but if stiffness or other difficulty in operation is experienced, we recommend you give us a call to check it over.

The operation of these doors varies from make to make and even models of different makes.

They can be particularly susceptible to failure if operated roughly or incorrectly, maybe due to unfamiliarity. For this reason, we would not recommend them in multiple occupancy buildings or in rental properties, where users may not be aware of correct operation.

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