Window hinges

Also known as FRICTION STAYS

A common area of failure in windows are the hinges. Even when not obviously broken, wear can mean that the window does not close properly, allowing draughts. This is often blamed on worn seals, but if the gap or draught is more noticeable near the hinges, then hinge replacement is required.

A broken hinge can mean the window is difficult to close, or in extreme will not close at all.

Be particularly careful with large ‘top hung’ windows. That is, ones that push open from the bottom. Not only can they open a long way and be difficult to reach to close, but present a special hazard to children, or even less able adults. In addition, when trying to close  from a wide open position, if not lubricated, the ‘friction’ slide can stick, resulting in the arms of the hinge buckling.
We always recommend that ‘restricted’ versions of these be fitted to reduce these risks.

There are a number of number sizes and variations in friction stay (hinges) available. For example: Restricted (usually for child safety) Egress, to allow for easier escape in emergency (Compulsory under Building Regulations in certain situations), and Easi-clean to give better access to the outside for cleaning.

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