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Problems can arise for as number of reasons and show up in different ways. It is important to note any problems as soon as possible, as a small problem can develop into something more serious, which may affect your security, or leave you locked out.

A door that doesn't lock easily will almost certainly deteriorate, so intervention as soon as possible is recommended.

It is recommended that all moving components are lubricated a couple of times a year (more in coastal areas), this should help prevent many problems, but other common lock problems, are due to mis-alignment. This is best left to a professional to correct.

Problems with the lock itself again are best left to a professional, as there is vast rage of different door locks, which can fail in different ways. There is little similarity in the fit of the many variants.

Aftercare can diagnose what/where the fault is, and what replacement may be required. With stock of many common types, we are able to affect a swift resolution in the event a lock failure resulting in your property being insecure.

Levels of security vary greatly. In the event an existing lock has failed, we would endeavour to replace like for like if possible. However, where like for like replacement is not readily available we will use our best endeavours to supply and fit an alternative, which matches or exceeds the security level of the original.

Should you wish to upgrade the security level, or change to a different type of lock, please call us to arrange a visit to advice on what is possible in your particular circumstances.

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