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We all want our homes to be secure, but at the same time, we don’t want them to be like a prison.

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Our areas of expertise in Security

We believe security needs to be proportional, so we will not automatically try to sell you all the most elaborate locking systems available.

Locks and fittings need to be maintained, as ill-fitting or worn locks and hinges are themselves a security risk.

We can advise you on what is available and practical for your particular circumstances.

Most modern double glazed door locks comply with or exceed recommended standards, but many older locks may not, and some fall well below. Doors also need to fit properly for locks to be fully efficient. There are different locking methods, for example, key required entry and ‘Autolocking’. Handles also need to be in good sound condition, while the cylinder (or barrel) may be upgraded to a more secure specification.

In areas of significant risk, it is possible to fit laminate glass in place of either toughened or standard float glass. This of course should be in conjunction with ensuring high security on door and window locks.

Windows are probably the most vulnerable area. Most modern windows have secure ‘shootbolt’ locking and hinge protection, but older windows may not be so secure. Handles with key locks are generally recommended by insurers. Some insurance policies may make this compulsory. (Check you policy details carefully). NOTE: Upper floor windows may need to be readily openable in case of emergency.

Our Expert Knowledge

With 25 years of experience in repairing double glazing windows, doors and conservatories, you can be assured that we’ll do the job right first time for you.


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Looking to get a quote for the repair of your double glazing?

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